Your questions

We keep a range of sample dresses from size 12-24 and all of our dresses can be ordered up to a size 30. If there is a specific dress you want to try on and want to check what size our sample is, then do feel free to ring us-we will do our best to help you.

If you are planning to lose weight we encourage you to be as honest as possible with yourself over what is realistically achievable and we will discuss this with you at length at the point when your dress is ordered.

We get brides in looking at dresses 2 years before their wedding date but most seem to start their hunt about 9-12 months before the big day.

For many brides getting the venue and finding their dress are steps that must be completed before they can start to think about the million and one other things you need to arrange for a wedding and so like to start early.

It can take as long as 14-16 weeks to get your dress into the shop from ordering and we like to give ourselves at least 6 weeks before the wedding day to ensure that you are 100% happy before you take it away.

We try to keep our dresses at affordable prices-they range from £450-£1495 but the vast majority of gowns are under £1000.

We buy new stock twice a year- the main collection arrives in store in December/January with a small satellite collection arriving in September.

We encourage brides to do this as it can be a good starting point. However, do remember that the bridal fashion models used in these photos are usually very tall and slim, so do be open minded and let us suggest styles that you may not have thought of before. It’s a myth that there’s only one dress for each bride and you may surprise yourself with your final choice!

We do advise you to make an appointment –  we work on a one to one basis and it will save you wasting your time if you book ahead. Although if you call in and we can see you, we will do.

If this is your 1st bridal appointment you will have a two-hour slot allocated to you. Subsequent appointments are scheduled according to your requirements.

When shopping for a wedding gown all the experts advise not to bring too many people. Your mum and one or two other trusted individuals seem to be the perfect mix. Pick a few people who love you, your experience will be a lot more enjoyable and you will have a better chance of being successful in your quest.

It’s great to have one or two people who are close to you to give you honest opinions but bringing a ‘committee’ is a recipe for disaster that may make you miss out on your perfect gown. In the end, the only opinion that truly counts when picking a wedding gown is YOURS! You will be the centre of attention at your wedding.

You want a wedding gown that will make you look fantastic and feel amazing. You are the only one who will really know when you have found the gown that does this.

The wedding gown is the most important part of the wedding wardrobe and it will dictate the theme of your day, so this is probably the best place to start. Do start to think about bridesmaid colours and styles though as they often take as long to be delivered as the bridal gowns.

Yes we have some fantastic dresses in traditional bridesmaid styles, fun, flirty styles perfect for the more informal occasion and wonderful contemporary styles which can easily double up as formal wear. They come in huge array of colours and fabrics with sash and jacket options. We have beautiful dresses for flower-girls and teens too.

When ordering for children we will work with our brides to discuss the best time to order dresses in order that a child’s growth can be taken into account. There are such a lot of options available it is advisable to make a separate appointment for your maids.

Don’t try to do too much in one day. We suggest you not try to shop for bridesmaids and a wedding dress all in the same day. Finding that perfect dress can be harder, more time consuming, and more mentally exhausting than you think. We suggest you focus on your wedding gown first, and plan a separate day for the bridesmaids shopping.

We need 50% of the price of the dress before we can order it for you (this deposit is non-refundable). If you don’t immediately have the 50% we will be happy to work out a payment plan for you, allowing you to pay the deposit over a period of weeks. Remember, we are here to help you in every way we can.

14-16 weeks is our standard delivery time and we prefer to have at least 6 weeks to allow for fittings and final tweaks. However, we can get dresses delivered in 4 weeks, although there are often extra costs associated with this. Generally anything below 14 weeks means that your options start to reduce but the message from us is “if time is limited come and see us as soon as possible”.

Yes we work hard to source our fantastic range of jewellery, veils, tiaras, fascinators and shoes, many of which can be tailored to suit your own requirements. We will be happy to discuss this with you – just ask!

It is advisable to purchase your accessories at the time you order your gown as it enables you to see the finished look. It is rather difficult to buy a tiara or veil without your dress on. Alternatively, you can do this at your first fitting appointment when you are wearing your chosen gown for the very first time, in your size and colour.  We have an extensive range of veils, shoes, bags, tiaras, jewellery and other accessories, which we would be delighted to show you.

At The Crystal Fairy Company we take great pride in making sure that each client leaves us with a perfectly fitting gown.

All fittings take place at our shop in Birchington, and alterations are carried out by our experienced team of expert seamstresses. In most cases two fitting appointments are needed, but some alterations may require more fittings. This will be discussed with each client at the time.

Whilst we endeavour to keep the cost of gown alteration to an absolute minimum, it is very difficult to provide our clients with an exact cost of altering a gown as this does vary from dress to dress and from person to person. We do have a scale of charges which assist our brides to budget for these additional costs.

Unfortunately, due to demand, we are only able to carry out alterations on gowns purchased through The Crystal Fairy Company.

You will need to ensure you have a well fitted bra in a style that will be suitable under your chosen gown. You should also bring along your shoes, if you have already chosen them. Don’t worry if you can’t find a pair you like as we have a wide range of shoes on display in the shop, all of which can be dyed to match your gown or bridesmaid dresses if desired.

Bridal lingerie needs to be well fitting, supportive and not show through your outfit. Choose lingerie at the same time as the outfit as this determines your shape for the fitting process and makes the most of your figure. We have a full range of sizes available and the very latest figure control garments.

Don’t panic! Simply make an appointment to see us and depending on how long we have, there are different options available. We will move heaven and earth to try to get you the dress you want in your timeframe but please remember that the longer you leave it, the more limited your choice will be.

As your wedding date approaches we will speak to you about collecting your gown and all other items you may have ordered from us.

We will book a date and a time in our diary for you to collect your items. In preparation for collection we will carefully steam and prepare your gown, this will include the addition of ‘something blue’ in the shape of a blue crystal heart sewn into the lining of the gown.

All gowns are handed over in black breathable carry bags, which are absolutely fine for short term storage and transportation of your dresses.

Prior to your Wedding Day we always give full instructions to mums, sisters or bridesmaids to ensure that they know how to dress you on your big day. This is carried out as part of our normal fittings process – but why not take the pressure off them and book our Dressing Service ?

We will arrive at a pre-booked time and bring with us your freshly prepared wedding dress, your bridesmaids’ dresses and any accessories you may have purchased through us.

The service is available on a first come first served basis and the cost is dependent on the day of the week and also the distance we have to travel.

You’ve spent a long time choosing the perfect dress for your big day, and whilst our dress bags are great for carriage and short term storage they will not provide adequate long term protection for your gown, so you may wish to consider purchasing a specialised Bridal storage box.

Storage boxes allow the gown to be packed away safely wrapped in protective acid free tissue paper to prevent yellowing with age. Each box is available in a number of different finishes, and they really do make an attractive keepsake – one you wouldn’t want to keep hidden away.

If you are travelling to your Wedding overseas some of the storage boxes have a very handy carrying handle and double up as hand luggage. Check with your airline before purchasing a storage box as dimensions vary from carrier to carrier.